MR. ROY G. BIV album from Zane Smith

Lithonia, Georgia rapper Zane Smith has released sixth studio album “Mr. Roy G. Biv” on June 24, 2020. Titled with a new alias, Zane Smith is now Mr. Roy Biv due to his background in graphic design. Previous albums “(SWATCHES, black, and gray) have been named after colors, each used to describe and portray different moods.

Zane Smith “Mr. Roy G. Biv” album cover 6/24/2020

With this album, Zane Smith creates a sound like never before. The cover features nine colors, representing the nine songs on the album. Each song is associated to a different color and mood. This collection of tracks is an emotional roller coaster of sounds, subjects and lyrics showcasing Zane’s versatility.

  1. All Black (produced by CapBaby Productions)
  2. Cruisin’ (produced by LittyOnTheBeat)
  3. Family (produced by Petrofsky Beats)
  4. Zoo (produced by Sidd J.)
  5. Ol’ School Chevy (produced by Petrofsky Beats)
  6. Tippin (produced by Petrofsky Beats)
  7. It’s Cool (produced by Petrofsky Beats)
  8. Home (produced by Petrofsky Beats)
  9. 24 Hours (produced by Petrofsky Beats)

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